C4 System – Cut, Clean, Condition and Cement

Mechanical Perforator and Efficient Hole Cleaning Solution

The C4 system, by Lee Energy Systems, is a trip saving cut, clean, condition, and cementing solution where multiple operations are combined. The system offers an explosive free alternative to mechanically perforate, condition, and clean casing in well abandonment operations, prior to cementing.

  • Mega Packer – Offers high extension ratio, and when activated, provides a cement barrier in the A-annulus and a restriction in the B-annulus
  • Gator – Mechanical Perforator– is equipped with four blades and is capable of achieving multiple circumferential cuts across the required zone
  • Packer Diverter – Creates a choke point in the A-annulus to force the flow path into the B-annulus through the mechanical perforations.
  • Jack Hammer – hydraulically activated jetting pistons that engage the perforations. The tool rotates and force the flow to go through the perforations.

The Mega Packer

Jack Hammer